Hire the best talent through
your colleagues' networks

Wintro uses AI to match candidates from your colleagues’ networks to open roles in your company, so you can get warm introductions to the best talent!

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With Wintro, you are in the lead to drive employee referrals



Connect platforms such as LinkedIn and your ATS to see which candidates your employees could warmly introduce you to for which roles



Wintro uses machine learning to match the best candidates to your open roles


Reach out

Increase your response and interview rate by getting warm introductions from your existing employees and close those hard-to-fill roles

Never hear "I have no one to refer"

Wintro proactively suggests profiles in your teams' Linkedin network that match your job offers. This will increase the number of referrals!

Referrals centralized in one place, your ATS

Centralize all your referrals, ensure automated follow ups and never lose any information.

Engage your teams

Tired of an employee referral program that runs out of steam? Wintro gamifies your employee referral policy and engages your teams with tailor-made analytics and contests!

Refer seamlessly

Forget about complex and time-consuming processes. With Wintro, referring a candidate is a snap through Slack, Teams or any other communication channel.

Frictionless contact

Your employees are your best ambassadors. With AI generated messages Wintro helps you and them share your jobs and attract talents, wherever they are!

Recruit the best candidates through employee referrals

Hire the best talents

A-players hire A-players. Your employees know who is a good fit.

Hire twice as fast

On average, 12 referrals are enough to find the best talents for your team. In comparison, you need to analyse 110 applications.

Save money on hiring costs

Hire by referral costs on average 4 times less.

Build teams for the long run

46% of hired candidates through referral will still be in your company after 3 years, compared to 14% for other channels.

Supercharge your referral hiring with Wintro

The AI-driven solution that revolutionizes employee referrals, making it proactive, efficient, and highly effective.

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